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I'm a self taught landscape/seascape artist in Scotland. My inspiration is the Scottish countryside, islands and beaches.  Although I do paint other subjects such as the Hairy Coo and Portraits.  

As an artist I want to express the emotions of being in Scotland's remote places.  Take for instance Dark Islands.  This scene as it is painted, gentle stream, vista of Eigg and Rhum, the white sandy beach, does not exist.  The separate parts do exist however, and visiting the Ardnamurchan area I experience all of these, as well as evoking feelings of peace and tranquility. It awakens the senses, the feel of the wind, smell of the sea, sound of gulls and kittiewakes, the changing light moving over sea and land and the 360 degree vista, are like an assault on the senses. In these moments I know why I love Art and Scotland.  

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